Horse nutrition and feeding information and advice

Zoe Davies MSc.,R.Nutr.                                                      Registered Equine Nutritionist


Zoe Davies is a qualified and highly experienced Equine Nutritionist, she is one of

only a handful of Registered Equine Nutritionists in the UK today.

Unlike the majority of Equine Nutritionists, Zoe is able to offer independent

advice across the full range of feeds and feed supplements available

commercially. She has over 25 years of experience in equine nutrition and advice

to feed companies and supplement manufacturers and their customers, she also

undertakes veterinary referrals and diet and forage analysis.


The aim of this web site is to provide nutritional information to horse owners, trainers, breeders and students or anyone else with a passion for horses and is the result of many repeated requests for more independent information on all aspects of this important subject.


This website  does not contain any product placements and is not related to any feed or supplement company, thereby providing independent information.