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Hi Zoe


As hay and haylage nutrition values varies from field to field and cut to cut each year how can the ordinary leisure horse owner know what is in the hay and how this affects  the other feed or balance.minerals their horse might need.


Is there a test ? How much would it cost approx ?  Who does them ? How would we get the information interpreted for a feed regime.




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Zoe Davies
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Yes forage testing is really important particularly if you have had any problems. You cannot assume that pasture or hay/haylage has "everything" the horse or pony  needs in it, Minerals and particularly trace minerals are falling year on year.

Thats just the minerals! If buying hay or haylage you should ask for a basic analysis from your supplier as you would not buy feed without it! 

Do not assume that haylage is better than hay, poorly fermented haylage is as harmful if not more so than poorly harvested hay.

I will be offering a forage analysis service soon but it is expensive  per sample and if you also need an interpretation of the results even more so! Probably better to insist the supplier does it instead.


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